Shanghai Forxine Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. realized the industrialization of Chiral alcohol!

Release time:2015.01.08 07:14



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The series of alkyl, sol-aryl chiral alcohols independently developed by Shanghai Forxine Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. have been successfully commercialized.

Through the "asymmetric catalytic reduction method", a patented technology of Forxine, various alkyl and alkyl-aryl chiral alcohols with an ee value of more than 99% are synthesized, which can meet the requirements of high optical purity of chiral alcohols.

Forxine pharmaceutical has been adhering to the "good but not expensive" product concept, committed to the commercial application of borane chemistry and chiral technology products. The launch of this series of products is derived from Forxine's core technical advantages and excellent quality management capabilities, we believe that our products will be able to create value for our customers!