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About Forxine

In Chinese, Forxine is named as "for the better of the optimistic struggles, the revitalization of the Chinese nation. "

Forxine was started to construct in 2014 and launched in 2015. Forxine is a pharmaceutical technology company with boron technology as its core business.

Forxine owns full range of boron technology research and development capability and corresponding business licenses which are second to none in the world. Forxine owns a global borane chemistry leader brand 福兴 FORXINE ,  boron technology R&D centre and internet marketing platform.

Forxine has achieved rapid development through technological advantages and internet marketing since founded three years ago. Forxine already has more than 1000 customers and strategic partners.

Boron technology is the creative new technology to construct biopharma molecules. It has multiple advantages such as green environmental protection, stable quality, low cost and performance efficiency.

Boron technology will become the core technology which will be widely used in the field of biopharma in future.

Forxine,Global borane chemistry leader.