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  • Position:Safety Manager /EHS Specialist/Safety Officer

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job Description:

    1. Implement national policies, rules and regulations on occupational safety, occupational health and environmental protection, organize the formulation, revision and review of the company's safety, environmental protection and health management systems and regulations.

    2. Responsible for communication and liaison with relevant government departments on safety, fire control, health and environmental protection.

    3. Responsible for the inspection and management of safety, fire control, health and first aid, and environmental protection facilities of the company. Identify fire safety risks, and organizing rectification in a timely manner.

    4. Identify safety education and training needs regularly, formulate and implement safety education and training plans and establish training files.

    5. Supervise the process of safe receipt, temporary storage and use of hazardous chemicals and the supervision of the danger of highly toxic, easy to produce explosive, easy to produce poison and dangerous chemicals.

    6. Check and approve safety operation conditions for dangerous operation and supervise dangerous operation site.

    7. Labor protection inspection in the production process and supervision and management of protective equipment.

    8. Safety supervision and inspection during production. Organize special safety inspection, and supervise the implementation and acceptance of hidden dangers rectification.

    9. Supervise hazardous waste classification and management of hazardous waste storage room in the responsible area and establish hazardous waste ledger.

    10. Organize various safety education and publicity activities, regularly supervise the development of safety training, regular meetings and activities in the workshop.

    11. Organize the emergency plan drill, coordinate and supervise the safety management of various departments, conducted routine inspection, supervision and inspection of safety, fire control and environmental protection work and workshop environmental management work;

    12. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Junior college degree or above, major in safety and environmental protection, chemical industry, pharmacy or above 1 year working experience in the same industry.

    2. Strong principle, rigorous, strong sense of responsibility, hard working.

  • Position:Senior Organic Synthesis Engineer

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job Description:

    1. Consult relevant literature, independently design and implement the synthetic route.

    2. As product manager or project leader, complete major projects independently and lead the team.

    3. Capable of R&D management, talent training and project management.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Practical, diligent, good self-learning ability.

    2. Active, optimistic, passionate, good communication and teamwork skills.

    3. Be honest and get things done.

    4. Have the ability to develop the perspective of the problem.

    5. Have win-win thinking, recognize the collective struggle, know how to thanksgiving.

    6. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, pharmacy, fine chemical engineering, 2 years or above experience in the same position.

    7. Love chemistry and have the ambition of long-term development in the chemical industry.

  • Position:Senior Organic Synthesis Researcher

    Release time:2019-08-31

    Job Description:

    1. Independently complete the literature review and map analysis, and complete the preliminary design of the synthesis route based on the literature.

    2. Completed chemical reactions skillfully, make a comprehensive analysis of the results, and complete difficult research projects with assistance.

    3. Solve some problems in the experiment.

    4. Guide subordinate members to complete project work.

    5. Complete the experiment records and report clearly and completely.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Master's degree or bachelor's degree with at least 1 year working experience in organic synthesis, major in organic chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry or related fields.

    2. Have relevant work experience in chemical synthesis, familiar with the operation of organic synthesis unit, with strong analytical and problem-solving ability.

    3. Good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

  • Position:QC Manager

    Release time:2019-12-15

    Job Description:

    1. Lead the daily work of QC laboratory under regulations, including personnel qualification, instrument calibration, maintenance, material/reagent effectiveness, data file integrity, etc. Cooperate with QA in regular compliance internal audit and external audit.

    2. Execute the central control test, quality inspection and release of starting materials, reagents and intermediates in accordance with the relevant SOP.

    3. Responsible for the development of analytical methods, cooperate closely with the R&D department, guide the preparation of analytical method verification scheme, execute verification experiments and complete the verification report.

    4. Identify the needs of QC departments to continuously improve their capabilities, including improving staff operation standards, equipment upgrades, adding and updating sops, and strengthening GMP concepts to ensure reliability, authenticity, traceability of analytical data, as well as standardization/institutionalization of records.

    5. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacy, etc.

    2. At least 2 years of experience as a supervisor with strong leadership skills and good verbal and written communication skills.

    3. Practical hands-on experience in relevant analytical techniques and certain theoretical knowledge; proficient in HPLC/GC and other analytical instruments; proficient in various physical and chemical analysis.

    4. Strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and careful work.

    5. Able to consult various literature and independently develop analytical methods for general products.

  • Position:QA Manager

    Release time:2019-12-15

    Job Description:

    1. Establish, improve and improve the company's quality system, promote the effective operation of the quality assurance system, and ensure that materials and products meet the approved requirements and quality standards.

    2. Reviewe all documents related to GMP of the company, and supervise the implementation of GMP of all departments.

    3. Responsible for internal and external audit of the company.

    4. Coordinate validation and validation related work.

    5. Responsible for reviewing records related to product release;

    6. Responsible for the audit of the compliance of production, inspection and other field data. Responsible for the supervision and guidance of deviation management, change management and OOS management.

    7. Actively complete other tasks assigned.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in chemistry, pharmacy or pharmacy related field.

    2. At least 3 years of quality work experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, including at least 2 years of QA work experience.

    3. Experience in regulatory market auditing in Europe, America and Japan is preferred.

    4. Familiar with relevant laws, regulations, guiding principles, national standards and industry standards, etc., and able to skillfully apply them in work practice.

    5. Good communication, organization and coordination skills, team management skills.

    6. Strong initiative, rigorous working attitude, adherence to principles, strong sense of responsibility.

  • Position:Intellectual Property Commissioner/Patent Commissioner

    Release time:2019-12-15

    Job Description:

    1. Responsible for writing the domestic and foreign patents of the company's products, applying for and granting patent subsidies.

    2. Responsible for the retrieval and sorting of patent documents, the modification of technical disclosure, the compilation of patent research reports, and the solution of patent problems.

    3. Responsible for the management of patent affairs, including the process management, file management, patent writing, and the examination of answers.

    4. Responsible for inquiring the data protection of products in various countries, collecting patent challenges and litigation information.

    5. Responsible for collecting intellectual property information related to the company's products and assisting the department head to formulate intellectual property strategy.

    6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, pharmacy or pharmacy.

    2. At least 1 year working experience in basic chemical research.

    3. Know patent law and trademark law, have the ability of patent retrieval, be proficient in professional English, can correctly understand the contents of domestic and foreign literature, be familiar with the process of patent application and have the ability to write patent application draft.

    4. Good communication and coordination skills, cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, careful and responsible work.

    5. Strong writing skills, able to take the initiative to complete the duties.